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Music & The Arts

Visual and performing arts have a rich history at The Redwoods and includes everything from Art in the Garden, Collage and Watercolor classes, and "Meet the Masters" classes. Our robust music program includes drumming, singing, and features our well-known "Rock the Ages" Chorus, led by Barry Blum. There is truly something for everyone.


Instruction on community computers or residents' own electronic devices is available by signing up for a weekly computer class or through the drop-in lab, both held by Fran Goodman, who has been working with residents of The Redwoods for 22 years. Residents can also sign up for tutoring with a high school student volunteer through our Cyber Seniors program.

Diversions & Entertainment

Activities for fun and pleasure include everything from Friday and Saturday night movies and our "Sunday Musical Matinee", to Bingo games, Coffee and Wine Socials. "Excursions" are monthly bus outings that include special lunches at various restaurants, scenic drives, visits to museums and various other Bay Area destinations.  


Movement & Exercise

A wide variety of classes and activities are available, not only to maintain and improve one's physical health, but also to enhance social connections and emotional well-being. Our new Center for Dynamic Aging provides a range of new wellness programs such as individualized training.


Outdoors & Nature

Activities and classes involving spending time in nature and the outdoors are always in demand at The Redwoods. From tending the organic Community Garden to enjoying the "Thursday Harvest," there is so much to do involving nature. Art in the Garden provides a chance to get creative, and the California Native Plant Society is a long-time community partner. There are also a variety of Scenic Drives available through our Excursions program.  


Resident Groups

A tradition at The Redwoods is for residents to simply create a group that meets their interests. There are many long-time resident driven groups that hold a variety of meetings and host annual events, such as the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace, the Open Forum (exploring current events, history, personal stories, and more), as well as the Resident's Council Association (RCA), where residents gather to exchange ideas, express concerns, and work together with the administration to build the spirit of community within The Redwoods.  


Spirituality & Relationships

There are many activities available which center around prayer, meditation, and connecting. These include the Candlelight Peace Vigil, Catholic Mass, Shabbat, and regular shuttles to various houses of worship. There are also groups such as Couples Connecting, Cross Cultural Healing, an Eckhart Tolle Discussion Group, a Men's Group, Meditation Circles, Support Groups and more.  

Forums & Discussions

Also known as 'Quotidian Realities' [Quotidian - a descriptive adjective of commonplace events; a word describing ordinary things, acts, etc.] and includes the Glaucoma Discussion Group, Health Talks, Wellness Conversations, Hearing Aid Maintenance, the Low Vision Group, Social Work Wellness Programs, and more.



The Redwoods is a community that loves to celebrate life! Join us for monthly birthday dinners, bi-monthly wine socials, coffee hours, and annual events such as the Veterans Day Luncheon or the Memorial Day parade. Holiday parties are always maximum capacity events, and our annual Remembrance and Celebration event is a beautiful and moving ceremony honoring those in our community who have passed on during the year.



The Redwoods is home to a rich literary community with activities that focus on writing, speaking, reading, and group discussion. Some of these long-time groups include the Book Club, Reading Group, Poetry Corner, Creative Writing and Memoir classes, French and Yiddish Conversation groups, NY Times Discussion group, the Silver Foxes Film Society and a theater Play Reading & Discussion group.



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