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Resident Engagement

Resident-Driven Programs

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Resident Association

The Resident Association is an essential part of the core culture and fabric of The Redwoods' community. Residents meet to discuss and debate various issues and opportunities confronting community life. The Resident Association interacts closely with our Board of Directors and Management.  

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Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee at The Redwoods sits at the heart of our unique campus culture. The committee is comprised of 50/50 staff and residents. As such, a high level of exchange and communication occurs. The Wellness Committee sets the pace and direction for many campus initiatives and programs. 

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Rock the Ages

This unique rock'n'roll chorus is comprised of singers, experienced and new, who want to learn NEW popular music - not the music they grew up with! Music and singing are great for the brain, memory, camaraderie and general well-being. Weekly practices are open to all.

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Corridor Representatives

Our residents play an active role in our Emergency Management System. Corridor Reps attend monthly safety meetings on behalf of their floor and report back to their neighbors with any important updates. They also coordinate with staff in welcoming new residents and executing evacuation drills.

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Meditation Group

Residents play an active role in initiating and leading group activities. The Meditation group meets in the Sanctuary every week to practice quiet sitting in a non-sectarian and inclusive environment open to residents of all spiritual paths, helping to create a sense of community and supportiveness. 

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Seniors for Peace

Mill Valley Seniors for Peace is a group of senior citizens committed to world peace, social justice and genuine democracy. Founded in 2003 just before the Iraq War, the Mill Valley Seniors for Peace has held a Peace Demonstration every Friday at 4 p.m. (rain or shine) for almost 20 years at the corner of Miller Ave. & Camino Alto - come honk!

Organic Garden entrance
residents posing in organic garden

Robert S. Scott Organic Garden

Located next to the creek and marsh, the Organic Garden is a relaxing and rejuvenating place where residents and their families can enjoy the outdoors. Residents, along with volunteers from the community, have a chance to participate in propagating, planting and caring for a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The planter boxes are designed for easy access for those in wheelchairs. The harvest is available every week for residents to take home and enjoy.

News from The Wellness Committee

Why Americans Over 60 Are So Happy

Now is an enjoyable time to be a senior. Older Americans are among the happiest people in the world, coming in 10th on Gallup's worldwide happiness rankings.  That compares to a 62nd rank ...
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If You’re Dating, Be Careful

At any age, the dating scene can be daunting. If you are a single senior, by now you have learned a great deal about people, and it might be easier for you. ...
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The Redwoods Names Scholarship Recipients

  The Redwoods awards eight Marin County graduating seniors a total of $32,000. Speaker Louetta Erlin is pictured. Photo courtesy of The Redwoods. POSTED BY: SARA BRISCOE MOSELEY - MARIN IJ - JUNE ...
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The Four Levels of Hospice Care

Hospice care is an undeniably challenging subject to discuss, yet its importance, particularly as someone approaches the end of life, cannot be overstated. Addressing the realities of terminal illness and the emotional ...
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What is the Difference Between Independent Living vs. Assisted Living?

Regarding senior housing options, the choice between independent living and assisted living is an important decision for seniors and their families. Each option offers unique benefits and accommodations tailored to individual needs. ...
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Would You Rather Be Youthful or Useful?

Ken Dychtwald has been measuring and forecasting the aging of America for almost 50 years, so he is not surprised by much, but the 73-year-old founder of the Age Wave consulting firm in Orinda ...
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“When my husband and I first visited The Redwoods, it was so lively that we felt like we were visiting a Community College campus.”

- Frieda (A Redwoods' resident of 30 years) 

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