I don't live at The Redwoods, but I would like to come participate in classes that are offered there. Is this possible?

Part of The Redwoods mission is to be a resource for Marin County seniors. If you would like to participate in a class, please refer to our Weekly Calendar to find a class that interests you. The next step is to call the Program Office at (415) 383-2741 or email nmckeon@theredwoods.org to find out if the class is available to people who do not live at the Redwoods. If the class is available, please come to The Redwoods on the day and time of the class. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to sign in at our reception desk, get directions to the room where the class will take place and have a little time to speak with the instructor. Classes are primarily for Redwoods residents, but are open to outside guests on a space available basis.

Is there a charge to participate in a class at The Redwoods?

Currently the fee for outside participation in all Redwoods classes is $10/month/class payable by check to "The Redwoods." Check may be left for the Program Department at the main reception desk. This fee operates on an honor system, so we appreciate your cooperation.

May people who do not live at The Redwoods participate in your excursions or use The Redwoods bus for other purposes (shopping, medical appointments, etc.)?

The Redwoods bus is only available to those who live at The Redwoods.

May I come to one of the evening programs listed on your Weekly Calendar or your Special Events calendar if I do not live at The Redwoods?

Certain programs and events are open to people who live outside The Redwoods and many are available at no charge. If you see something that interests you, please call our Program Office at (415) 383-2741 or email nmckeon@theredwoods.org for more information and to find out if the program is open to outside guests.

Is The Redwoods a Non-Profit?

Yes. The Redwoods, a Community of Seniors, is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code and is exempt from Federal Income Tax (Tax ID# 23-7085414).

Is The Redwoods part of a larger organization?

The Redwoods is a free-standing, single site facility. The Redwoods has its own Board of Directors and executive staff who manage the organization.

Is The Redwoods a religious organization?

The Redwoods is a completely non-sectarian organization that welcomes people of all faiths and persuasions. We receive no funds from our founders, CCMV (Community Church of Mill Valley).

Who manages The Redwoods?

The senior management staff of The Redwoods are Hunter Moore, Chief Executive Officer; Susan Badger, Chief Operating Officer, and Lynette Clark, Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Moore was hired by the Board of Directors and has oversight for the organization, implementing all Board policies and future planning. Ms. Badger manages the day-to-day operation of the organization and is the licensed Administrator of Record for the Health Care Center (Skilled Nursing) and the Assisted Living-RCFE. Ms. Clark has responsibility for the financial management of all assets of the organization.

What is the role of the Board of Directors and who is on it?

The Board of Directors consists of 14 community members who have interest in and skills consistent with the needs of the organization. Several members of the Board have had family members living at The Redwoods. The Board serves without pay for up to three two-year terms. They have responsibility of hiring the CEO, provide vision, policy, and direction for the organization, and ensure the financial health and management of The Redwoods.

What licenses does The Redwoods hold?

The Redwoods holds License #010000390 from the State of California, Department of Public Health to operate and maintain the Skilled Nursing Facility. The Redwoods holds License #210202866 to operate and maintain the Residential Care Facility of the Elderly. Our COO, Susan Badger, holds Nursing Home Administrator and RCFE licenses issued by the State of California.

Is there a wait list for accommodations?

We have a wait list for the Independent Living Apartments that varies depending on the current demand for those units, generally the wait is at least six months. One third of our Independent Living Apartments are subsidized and the wait list for these units is currently closed to new applicants. In our Assisted Living Area the wait varies and depends on the needs and abilities of the applicant.

If my name comes to the top of the wait list, do I have to move in then?

You do not have to move at that time but you will need to call us at least six months prior to the time you would like to move in.

How much is the monthly rent?

Please see the Affordability link in this section.

How often do you raise rents?

Rent increases are annual and typically range from 4-6%.

What size are the apartments?

The Independent Living Apartments are about 500 sq ft and the Assisted Living Apartments are about 350 sq ft.

Is there a buy-in fee?

There is no buy-in but there is a one-time community fee of $7,000 that is paid at the time you move in. This fee does not apply to HUD subsidized units or Skilled Nursing residents.

What if an applicant does not have enough income to qualify financially?

We offer a Guaranty Program that allows family or friends of the applicant to help them qualify financially by co-signing on the lease. Additionally, once a resident has lived here for one year, rental assistance may be available if they meet the qualifications.

What is the difference between Residential and Independent Living Apartments?

The Independent Apartments are a tenant/landlord relationship and do not include food, laundry or housekeeping services. Meal plans and housekeeping services are available to purchase. We are also not involved in the healthcare of the resident. The Residential Apartments are part of our Assisted Living Program (RCFE License #21012866) and include a staff nurse on duty daily, weekly housekeeping with linens, three meals daily in the dining room, and additional tailored services, which are optional.

Can I be on both Independent Living and Residential Living wait lists?

Yes, but you would need to pay a separate application deposit for each list.

How do I set up a tour?

We schedule tours each week. Please call Pam Bill, Admissions Coordinator, at (415) 383-2741, ext. 315 to arrange a tour for Independent Living and Assisted Living. To arrange a tour of our Health Care Center (Skilled Nursing), contact Karen Nunn, Admissions and Social Services Coordinator at (415) 383-2741, ext. 238. You may also click here to contact us by email to schedule a tour.

Can The Redwoods accommodate residents with memory problems?

The Redwoods is a very open ten-acre campus with many exits and may not be a safe place for someone who could be confused.

Are you a Life Care Facility, am I guaranteed the ability to move to a higher level of care?

We offer a month-to-month lease and do not offer the Life Care contract of a Continuing Care Facility (CCRC). Circumstances sometimes arise that make it necessary for a resident to arrange for other living accommodations.

Can you give me directions to The Redwoods?

Click here for directions to The Redwoods.

Can I bring a car and is parking available there?

Yes, residents may bring one car with current CA registration and insurance. Currently there is no parking charge, but this is subject to change. Available parking is limited and we have a free local bus.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, in Independent Living and Residential Living you may have one friendly and quiet dog or cat weighing less than 25 pounds. Fish and birds are also welcome. All animals are interviewed and must be neutered.

Do you have two bedroom apartments?

Most apartments are one bedroom or studios. There are a few two-bedroom units.

In Independent Living can I buy meals in the dining room?

Yes, residents can buy individual and guest meals.

In Residential Living do I have to buy three meals per day?

No, three meals per day are included in your monthly rent.

Can I get the apartment location I want?

We will do the best we can to match your request at the time you come in with the units that are available. After one year, if you would like to transfer to another unit, you would have priority for any unit that opens up matching your request.




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