david dow singing with rock the ages choral group

Mill Valley Living Magazine Jan. 2022 — David Dow is one of those people with an indomitable spirit.  He loves to sing and share stories of his adventures.  He is a founding member of The Redwoods’ own Rock the Ages chorus and a frequent featured soloist.

David and his wife first moved to The Redwoods into a Headlands apartment.  At that point they were still getting “out and about” a good bit. Plus, as he put it, “We did everything.  In fact, we had our names on the list for about 5 years and wanted to start a line dancing class.  We came in to talk about that, they said our name came to the top of the list and so we moved in and started the class.  It was great.”  David said he and his wife took on major roles.  She as the head of the Resident Council and he as a founder of the resident singing group, Rock the Ages.  “We did so much we won the resident of the year award.”

Unfortunately David’s wife passed in 2019 and his children convinced him to move to Hawaii to be with them.  David loves his children, but missed The Redwoods.  When he returned, he found he needed more support and moved to an assisted living apartment in Creekside.  According to David, “That was very good.  I enjoyed it very much.”  As time passed, David decided that the Health Care Center could better meet his needs and he moved there a year or so ago.

He said he still loves reading and listening to books on tape as well as participating in the daily New York Times discussions.  He looks forward to the exercise programs because they “help me stay active.”  What David said he likes best about The Redwoods is that “everybody is so friendly and generally liberal.  I don’t think I could be anywhere else.”  David is a special person and we are so happy that he is part of The Redwoods, A Community of Seniors.

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