ladies cultivating succulents at senior home

According to the Wall Street Journal, the first thing to know about people who shun retirement is that they are probably busier, and cooler, than you. 

One such person said that an interview would have to wait because he was traveling to France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Another said he would be free after hitting a research deadline and organizing his Harvard Business School class’s 65th reunion. A third, who was available on shorter notice, emailed a physical description before meeting: “In the spirit of YOLO, I have blue hair and tattoos.”

Whether for financial reasons, boredom or a host of other reasons, a growing number of older adults are not leaving and/or rejoining the workforceMost are deciding that if their days are finite, they are better spent on the job than in retirement.  In fact,millions of seniors have joined the “unretirement” movement.  Since 2021 alone, more than 1.5 million seniors have reentered the workforce.  So, what is going on?

Amy Halter, a licensed professional counselor who has worked with senior citizens for decades, notes many unretirement benefits.  “Studies found working to an older age has a positive impact on mental health. Those impacts include social participation and a sense of purpose.”  Halter added, “You can only clean so much, organize so much, and then it’s, ‘Now what?’”  Working also helps stave off loneliness and boredom.

Several well-known seniors are leading the way.  Harrison Ford, 80, is releasing his latest “Indiana Jones” movie. Jane Goodall, 89, is still protecting chimps. Smokey Robinson, 83, is still touring.  Eighty-year-old Joe Biden is still governing and seeking re-election.

We live in a great area with many retirees, but if you are interested in some “fun money,” a chance to socialize and/or give back, there are plenty of opportunities in Mill Valley.  Virtually every employer is looking, whether that be the business community, schools, shops, social service providers or even the city itself.  Most offer flexible schedules and some nice benefits too!  So, if you are bored this Labor Day, consider getting back into the work force.  It can be fun, rewarding and may even make you cool!

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