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Mill Valley Living Magazine Jan. 2022 — It’s not easy to keep up with Elizabeth Merriman.  She is one of those people who only knows one speed and it is full steam ahead.  Whether it is teaching an art class, meeting prospective residents as an “Ambassador” or taking on a new project, you can always count on Elizabeth to do a great and thorough job.  She was a professional organizer and life coach and really enjoys helping people, “one-on-one.” She is often on the go. We were fortunate to have her share a few minutes with us recently.

Elizabeth has been at The Redwoods for, “oh my goodness, several years now.  In fact I tell people I marched forth on March 4th, 2011.”  She loves her apartment and her ability to “live my lifestyle.  You can be as active as you want to be or secluded as possible.  People are sometimes surprised to hear that from me, because I like to speak in public and get things done, but I am really an introvert.”

She enjoys her private time but also has taken on several leadership roles and loves to share about living here.  In fact, she was one of the first residents to volunteer to talk to people considering a move to The Redwoods and recently stepped down from being the head of the resident Welcoming Committee.

Elizabeth has a particularly creative side.  She had been teaching an art class prior to the pandemic.  Wanting to continue to support and nurture fellow artists, she worked with The Redwoods Program team to help people continue their works remotely.  You can find her “Easy Art” series videos (Bunnies, Birds, Puppet People and Others) on The Redwoods YouTube channel where they are available to residents and everyone else as well.

Elizabeth is so thoughtful.  She often paints personalized cards for other residents.  She also creates special notes to commemorate holidays or thank team members.  She says, “I have felt safe here and love that I can get in my daily walks on level ground.”  When asked about what she likes best, Elizabeth said, “The down-to-earth people who work here and the impromptu one-on-ones with fellow residents.”  We think she is a special person and are so happy she is part of The Redwoods, A Community of Seniors!

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