wine glass half full

This month we are updating the post from last year that many enjoyed.

It is likely that you are familiar with the question of whether a glass is half full or half empty.  Your opinion often reflects your state of mind. The last few years have been challenging for everyone and health, political, economic, environmental, and social concerns remain. So, it is easy to justify looking at your glass as half empty.  However, as we approach Thanksgiving let us take a clear-eyed look and see if we can find some gratitude.

As we noted before, learning to live with a more positive outlook helps people have healthier relationships and do better academically, professionally, and personally.  Given the challenges noted above, how do we have a positive outlook?

Most experts agree that it is a matter of perspective. That is one of the advantages of working with seniors.  Our elders are great at seeing the bigger picture because they have lived through so much. They point out that political leaders and movements change and are often cyclical.  They have lived through other periods of market turbulence and world wars.  They note that pandemics have been a part of our collective history and that human beings are incredibly resilient.  They have been concerned about our impact on the planet as well as surprised and delighted with our ingenuity in addressing those challenges.

Research has shown that gratitude can boost both mental and physical health.  That by focusing on an uplifting moment from a recent event, a book, or even just imagining a place that brings you joy, can help you have a much more positive perspective.  It has been found that engaging in volunteer work, helping others, also helps us feel good about ourselves.  That caring and sharing is a way each of us can cultivate gratitude and it does not cost a dime.

In his later years Mark Desvaux said, “Some people see the glass half full, others see the glass half empty, the enlightened are simply grateful to have a glass.”  We think he must have had a great deal of life experience by that point. So, here is hoping you have a very happy Thanksgiving season and wish that, rather than looking at what you want, you can celebrate all you already possess and find a way to care and share with others. Cheers to you. Here is a toast to you and whatever you have in your glass and however full it might be!

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