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It’s April, a time for enjoying the spring, for thoughts of renewal and planning for the future.  It is also tax time which gets most of us focused on our finances and, especially for those of us 60 and older, a time for being sure we are set financially for whatever may come.  To explore this further we looked to the experience, knowledge and wisdom of some seniors.

While many in Mill Valley are more than comfortable with their retirement plans, others have not thought ahead as much.  Those among us who are renting may not have the comfort of a large asset (a debt free home) to rely on.  A surprising fact we learned recently is that about a third of the residents in Mill Valley are renters.  So, what to do if that describes you, or you simply are not a planner.

Well, according to some residents at The Redwoods, they believe they are comfortable living within their means.  They have found that between their pensions, social security and possibly some savings, they can live just fine in our city.  Medicare covers most of their health and medical needs.  The resources available through Mill Valley Villages, Marin County and the transit support systems helps them remain active, independent contributors to the community.

We have all seen the recent reports of inflation and that is a concern, but the people we talked to put it in context.  They have seen lots of ups and downs.  They feel certain they will weather the latest economic cycle and feel fortunate to enjoy the lifestyle that Mill Valley offers.  They praised the affordable classes offered through the Recreation Department and noted that for so much of year they can enjoy hikes, walks and rolls in nature for free.

Plus there pointed out all manner of discounts offered to seniors if you just ask.  There are discounts at retail stores, but also for entertainment and other services.  While acknowledging that Mill Valley has a reputation as a high-income area they are adamant that it is affordable as well.  So, if you have a sound plan they say, “good for you.”  If you don’t, their advice is to try not to worry too much.  Mill Valley is a great place to live, even on a budget.

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